Is Your Company Building What Alibaba’s Chairman Jack Ma introduces as the “Five Big New Business Models”?

Is Your Company Building What Alibaba’s Chairman Jack Ma introduces as the “Five Big New Business Models”?

If not, would you like it to?  

As the South China Morning Post reported, Alibaba's Jack Ma believes ecommerce will soon become 'tradtional' and went on to predict the following five big new business models that will disrupt Hong Kong and the world – 

1. New Retail — The era of pure e-commerce will gradually vanish over the next 10 to 20 years. In replacement, online, offline and logistics will create "New Retail": offline enterprises must go online, and online enterprises must go offline, and integrate with modern logistics, using Big Data

How To Build a New Retail Company…? 

Biscovery University offers Big Data and Data Science Quickstart which is a five day course that gives students hands-on enablement on technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Python, and R.  Then goes further to teach you how to generate revenue using these technologies.  No previous experience necessary.

2. New Production — In the next 30 years, the manufacturing industry will be paying special attention to intelligence, personalization and customization. "If we do not introduce personalization and customization to the manufacturing industry, it will be doomed to destruction," Ma said. The next technology revolution will be driven by the internet of things, which is essentially Machine Learning

How to Build A New Production Company…? 

Biscovery University offers an Introduction to Machine Learning which is a hands-on two day course that teaches students how to build their own machine learning programs to act as Artificial Intelligent agents to look for patterns in data, scan images for items, people, or locations and learn without programmer interference. 

3. New Finance — The birth of New Finance will accelerate the transformation of the entire society, Ma continued. The New Finance in the future will focus on supporting 80% of the enterprises which comprises small and medium businesses and personalized enterprises such as robo-advisors. "Internet finance will leverage data to create a true credit system. This will in turn bring about popular finance, which enables everyone to have sufficient money."

How To Build A New Finance or Conversational Commerce Company…? 

Biscovery University offers an Introduction to Conversational Commerce which is a hands-on two day course that teaches students how to build chatbots that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help exisiting and potential customers use WeChat, Facebook Messenger to get questions answered but believe they are talking to humans.  It is not a replacement of human customer service or call centers but an extension of abilities.  

4. New Resources — Finally, New Resources will see future technology developments reliant on data instead of petroleum and coal. "Jian Wang said data is the first resources that humans created themselves. Old resources are like worn clothes that are no longer worthy if you wear them again. With data, however, the more you use them, the more valuable they become."  For examples, imagine building an recyclable Analytical Marketplace.  

How To Build New Resources For Your Company to Make Profit..? 

Biscovery University offers a free Welcome To Your Analytical Marketplace which is a half day workshop that discusses how to quickly build and share analytical applications that can be used by the business internal and sold as a subscription to external partners and customers to pay for the cost of creation. 

5. New Technology — The existing mobile internet will soon give birth to New Technology, said Ma. This will see the replacement of old PC chipsets with mobile chipsets, the replacement of old operating systems with mobile OS, and the replacement of machines with the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

How To Build New Technology To Generate Revenue Via Innovation…?

Biscovery University offers a free Introduction to Immersion Marketing which is a half day workshop that discusses how to use virtual reality and 360° online advertisements to create more relevant experiences for potential customers and consumers.    Then how to use immersion to create powerful analytical engines to predict behavior that can be fed into omnichannel customer engagement.

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