Biscovery Limited and BarronAsia presents VR in PR: Introduction to Immersive Marketing & Analytics

Biscovery Limited and BarronAsia presents VR in PR: Introduction to Immersive Marketing & Analytics

Biscovery Limited and BarronAsia VR are coming together to show the future of digital advertising, media, and entertainment. 

What: An Introduction To Immersive Environments (VR & AR) and Consumer Insights to Digital Advertising Agencies and Public Relation Firms.
When: On Wednesday, 19 October from 6:30 to 9:30 PM

Where: PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central, Hong Kong, 7th Floor, Room 705 

Activities: Free drinks. DJ Gruv will be on the 1s and 2s. There will be multiple VR (HTC Vive) and Augmented Reality (Microsoft Hololens) experiences setup. Also there will be interactive consumer insights storytelling. 

Cost: Free. Plus every attendee gets a Google Cardboard VR headset. 

Why: There are a mind-boggling number of ways that VR can contribute to PR campaigns. From brand building to celebrity endorsements to media tours to crisis simulation, it seems clear that VR can and should be an agency capability and others such as –

  • There’s massive potential for using celebrity endorser content within VR, to give fans the opportunity to spend virtual time with celebrities in a manner like never before. A celebrity experience on VR could be an unforgettable moment for fans. VR has the potential to bring people closer to their heroes than anything else with the exception of an actual meeting.
  • Travel experiences in VR are a natural, giving people the opportunity to explore new places or experiences. VR has the potential to create a desire that will compel people to visit actual destinations.
  • VR has the potential to put people into situations that they may never otherwise experience. Think about half-court seats at the NBA finals, a fashion show in Paris, behind the wheel of a Ferrari or fishing in Alaska.
  • At these early stages, VR is a great draw for events and exhibitions. The novelty of VR means that people want to try it, and people will remember brands that share this experience.


Next: After VR arrives, how will you be able to drive insights and glean consumer interaction? We will also be showing how data science & interactive data storytelling can reveal the 'psychology of analytics' capturing the movements, behaviors of consumers using immersive and augmented realities.

Example: Visit a restaurant in SoHo and order a meal in 360 degrees or in Virtual Reality – here

RSVP: Space is limited so RSVP via EventBrite or email [email protected]