Bi Project

Helped a HK listed Mental Trading company reconstruct its IT and data system using Qlik BI 


  • Data were stored in multiple platforms and they were under utilized

  • Data analysis and business intelligence relied on IT and software companies

  • While they could not provide decision makers with insightful and flexible information

  • This became an obstacle to the companies long term development and short term operations



  1. Near real-time data analyses   

  2. Enabled various departments and their management to view the data on the same platform from different locations and time

  3. Department heads can spot inconsistency and abnormality and prevent problems before they happen

  4. Different departments can observe real-time progress at the same time, which enables cross-department cooperation

  5. Empowered decision makers: for exampled, solved a problem in 2 months that the CFO attempted for 8 years




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